Assignment 1 – Wake up & smell the social media

Mr. Timothy McSweeny is witty, I have to hand it to him.  His two essays ‘Internet-Age Writing Syllabus” and “College Writing Assignments with Real-World Applications” are comical and at some points I actually did LOL. “HFACTDEWARIUCSMNUWKIASLAMB” (“holy flipping animal crackers, that doesn’t even warrant a response; if you could see me now, you would know that I am shrugging like a mofu, biotch”) – that one got me. The sarcasm is very apparent in these two essays and I think that is his most powerful tool.  How do you get college students to actually listen to you? – humor. Throw in some sarcasm? – even better. The fact that McSweeny uses this shows that he understands his audience and through this his point is clearly made. Social media is a huge part of our lives especially in our generation and the ones that will follow. The education system and the way that courses are taught must adapt to this in order to be successful and efficient. Who wouldn’t want to become successful and efficient?  However the biggest point the author makes is  how important it is to monitor yourself on social media sites because they are so easily accessible and pretty much everywhere.

McSweeny talks about the generation gap in the syllabus in weeks 2 and 3. He references The Lorax and indirectly efficiency, “Thus, while older generations wax nostalgic about curling up by the fireplace with a good book or the Sunday paper, students will be encouraged to remember The Lorax (the animated anti-logging-industry television special, not the book).” E-readers are more cost efficient and better for the environment. The first part is all that companies really care about and the second is a win-win bonus for Mother Nature, but it’s the truth. McSweeny’s point on moderation is clearly shown throughout both pieces but I think the perfect example comes from the syllabus in week 7. “Lydia is lounging about in her underwear at 401 Park Street apartment #2, feeling guilty about telling her boss that her uncle died but enjoying the day off.”  Case and point.


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