Here Comes Everybody – Chapter 2

In the first two chapters of Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky, I believe that the author stresses the point that the internet is a very impressive and valuable tool.  A tool that allows for infinite possibilities; essentially the internet is a game changer. In chapter one the author uses the example of Sasha’s stolen cell phone in NYC. Without the internet Evan would not have been able to get his friend’s phone back. The internet completely changed the story. Another example Shirky uses is the website Flickr and the Mermaid Parade. Before the internet, it was not possible to upload and share photos so easily. People would have had to go through a long, tedious process. They would have taken their disposable cameras to CVS and would have had to wait days before the pictures were developed. The internet drastically changed this. The point relates to Wikipedia because the website is something that never existed before and is a large platform that allows people to easily share information. Again, It changed things.

As the title of the book Here Comes Everybody suggests, the internet is also an incredibly advanced way of bringing people from all over the world together.  This can be seen again in the case of Sasha’s stolen cell phone in New York City. There were people from different backgrounds and people from all over the world that banned together, not only get the cell phone back, but also to embarrass the New York City Police Department. Which apparently is no easy task. Wikipedia does the same thing (not embarrass the NYPD, though it probably could) but rather bring people from all over the world together. Not only do these people come together on the website, but they also do something magical and that’s share large quantities of information. This is a really incredible thing and a very valuable tool. I think that Shirky aims to show this in the first two chapters. We should not take the internet for granted, we should instead use it to its highest potential and appreciate the amazing tool that it is.


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