We’re All In This Together

 Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky brings up many valuable points about living in our new technology consumed world. The author talks about collectivism and how working with others to accomplish a common goal are affected and enhanced by this new technology. Shirky uses examples that are powerful and meant to inspire. In chapter seven he talks about the fall of the Berlin Wall and how people came together to accomplish an impossible task. The examples that the author chose are definitely inspiring, however they are also super important and amazing accomplishments that make our group project seem pretty miniscule. But if a group of people can force a corrupt government to dissolve we can create a really great Comm project, right? I’m sure that is the idea.

Shirky also mentions the concept of “knowing” in chapter seven. To explain, he uses the example of a fire. If two people both see a fire, recognize it’s an issue, and then work to resolve that issue, it’s better for all involved because then they’re working to create (or in the fire scenario fix) something great. This could be applied to our group project because if we all recognize the task at hand, are willing to commit and resolve it, it could turn out to be something really wonderful.

Other ideas we’ve discussed in class such as the TK Zine and the first chapter of Here Comes Everybody drive the author’s previous point home. TK Zine was created, edited, and produced in 48 hours and the story of Evan’s friend’s lost cell phone also took place over a short period of time. These two examples show us that great things can be accomplished in a small amount of time. We have a relatively short amount of time to compile and create our project, so it is nice to know that there are others who have this before and came out successful.

So, sifting through all this information and trying to bring these points together, the conclusion is that we have the tools and resources to readily available for us to create a spectacular project. It will require hard work and may be a little stressful, but as we can see in the examples success is within our reach.


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