Just Be Human and Collaborate Nicely

Evan Rosen brings up many great points about group collaboration in his article Creating Collaboration Takes More than Technology. I think the most interesting point that he makes relates to culture. Not culture in the sense of your heritage and where you come from, but rather the atmosphere that you create. Group dynamic and organizational culture are both extremely important for collaboration. To moi his point makes perfect sense because if someone doesn’t feel comfortable within an organization or a group they typically do not give their fullest and the whole entity suffers. It’s also not reaching its fullest potential, which creates a negativity which can be hard to shake.

Rosen states that formality is a large hindrance to collaboration because people feel that they need to stay within the lines and can’t voice their opinions. The author says that this formality can be reduced simply by the leadership habitually interacting with the workers. Which makes perfect sense because if I would see my boss or my boss’s boss on a regular basis around the office, I would feel much more comfortable voicing my ideas or concerns and would likely feel more motivated to perform.  The concept of culture is very important in our own group project for the same reasons. While there is not a designated “leader” of our group it is super important that everyone feels comfortable voicing their ideas and opinions and feels that they are valued. Having a solid group dynamic is the only why that we will be able to successfully collaborate and create a stellar project.  The idea of presence and interaction is also crucial. We all should feel like we’re equally contributing to the project and we should be interacting with one another on a regular basis. As Rosen states interaction lessens formality and low formality creates a comfortable group culture. I can personally attest to this, our group has had many good discussions about topics outside of our project. It was really nice to get to know the other members.  I feel comfortable in the group and would not hesitate to express my opinion whilst collaborating.

Rosen says that “value creation” is the main goal of collaborating and is what makes collaborating so appealing. Based on our group experiences thus far, I couldn’t agree more. When more than one mind comes together you inherit a glut of new ideas and ways of thinking. It’s fabulous because you’re able to create something marvelously unique and see things in ways you wouldn’t have before. That is how the idea of our project came about; we started out with the very broad idea of travel. Through collaboration and establishing a good group dynamic our idea morphed into something splendid that we were actually excited about working on. Win – collaboration at its finest!

Overall, I like the whole point of Rosen’s article that working well one another is so much more than having technology. It’s much more simple and basic; it’s a human thing. He brings the focus back to people in the simplest form by creating a positive environment and thence a positive group culture. Through my experience with my current group and others previously, I can definitely say that’s all it takes. Be less formal, talk to one another, have fun, and collaborate.


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