Creativity Is Key

I really loved the video that I watched for this assignment. I loved it so much that immediately after I went on Amazon and purchased the speaker’s book that he mentioned in the video.  I spent twenty minutes listening to Sir Kenneth Robinson of England speak about the connection (or lack thereof) between creativity and education system throughout the world.  His point was the way we currently teach and the subjects that we emphasize kill creativity. In his view,  we would rather slap a fidgety child with a label of ADD, give them pills, and tell them to pay attention than realize that some children may need to focus on other  nontraditional subjects.  Anyone that has an interest or an investment in education should take the time to hear his appeal.  

I loved the speech itself and the points that Robinson made, but I also enjoyed the way in which he presented them. He did not have a PowerPoint or any other presentation tools. Instead he simply stood in front of the audience and spoke. But the way he did it was so craftily done that  it felt as if you were just having a conversation with him. He used a lot of humor and personal stories which made the topic seem very real and relatable. I was impressed with his ability to hold the audience’s (and my own) attention. I listened very intently to the things he had to say and it left an impression on me.  Clearly, as I stated before I purchased his book directly after seeing the video. What is even more impressive is that the speaker has a condition that inhibits his ability to fluidly walk. Usually for me, when I watch a speaker I am able to pay better attention when the speaker is actively involved and moves around during their speech. But this didn’t matter with Robinson because he was such a gifted speaker. Instead of his legs, he used his hands and facial expressions to be actively involved in his speech.

Our group could definitely adapt traits from Robinson’s speech into our presentation.  In an indirect way his message applies to our project, but I think we would benefit more from practicing his public speaking skills. Using humor always helps to lighten the mood and make the situation feel more comfortable; this is something that we could try to do. We could also remember that one doesn’t have to be overly active when speaking. Using gestures and facial expressions could really add to our presentation without looking like we’re trying too hard. Also, the most important aspect is that we do not have to hide behind the presentation tools. Robinson simply spoke and did a great job, so we don’t always have to rely on the Prezi to get our point across. Keeping these points in mind, I think we can create a really awesome presentation in hopes that it won’t be god-awful and boring for the audience.

Check it out:


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