The Price Is Exact

I read TV’s Crowning Moment of Awesome by Chris Jones in Esquire magazine. The essay was really interesting. I think one of the things that made the essay so great was that is about The Price is Right -seriously, though. It is the longest running game show in history and it’s an American tradition. If you’re home sick from school or you’re taking a personal day from work – what do you do? You watch The Price Is Right, that’s what you do! Choosing this topic for an essay in Esquire was interesting because it’s something that every American knows and can relate to.

Along with the topic, the essay itself flows very well. It starts out with a detailed description of Terry Kniess and his typical American home. Everything seems completely normal. You read the description of his t-shirt that he wore the day of the “crowning moment”. You also learn about the couple’s beloved dog that sadly passed away. It all seems so normal, but then you get to the part about how Terry is kind of a math genius and can count cards and basically hustle casinos. It then becomes apparent that is not your typical story. I also love the part when it all suddenly becomes dramatic with introduction of Ted Slauson. Which contestant is lying!? The world may never know. The descriptions in the essay are vivid and enjoyable as well; you can easily picture yourself there.

Also, the length of the piece was appropriate. I have to admit that I have trouble getting through long essays, even if they are well written and interesting. I think this length was just right and I wasn’t fidgeting halfway through waiting for it all to be over. This is something that I hope to transfer to my essay for other antsy readers like myself.

I think the users of Longform likely enjoyed the creativity and flow of this essay. It’s about a historic moment on the longest running TV show of all time that was completely overlooked. The flow of the essay is smooth and overall it is very well written. It also made Drew Carey look like an ass, which is something that we can all appreciate.


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